Crafting With Big Boy #Review

Last Saturday, Big Boy and I went out on our Mother Son Date. Big Boy had talked about nothing else all week and was determined that we were going to go to a Coffee shop and use their free Wi-Fi to watch Youtube videos over, whilst sipping Hot Chocolates and possibly scoffing down a cake or cookie before we headed off to the Food Van, so he could get his Sausage Baguette (hold the onions, extra ketchup please) and we could sit on the Cafe style chairs in the sunshine to eat our lunch.

In the end we decided to go to the Cafe inside Dunelm Mill instead of a coffee shop, mainly because I wanted to buy a new cake pan and I figured I could also buy Big Boy a treat from the craft bits. We had a great time, filled with jokes, older women coming to chat to BB and tell him how cute he was or telling me how lucky I was to have such a handsome date. Big Boy thought this was hilarious but was super polite to the women and fluttered his eyelashes at them and had them eating out of his hand I swear he could have been written into a dozen wills if he'd wanted to and I might have a gigolo on my hands!

Big Boy laughing at his own jokes

Big Boy and I had a great time picking through the crafting items, trying to find something that we didn't already have at home (I hoard craft items, who knew?!) and in the end he settled for a piece of glittery red card. The way he handled this card, you'd have thought it was made of gold. It was so precious to see him utterly delighted with his purchase, even though it was only a few pence.

The next day Big Boy was banned from playing on the games consoles for a whole day for various reasons. This wasn't the end of the world though as after Big Boy said goodbye to Top Ender and I, he then told Daddy that what he'd like to do whilst we were out were some Arts and Crafts. This isn't an unusual request in our house, Big Boy LOVES to draw, to paint, to stick and is surprising good (I guess it's his genes from his paternal Grandmother but don't tell her okay? Pretend it's from me!) so Daddy helped him hunt out the craft items he wanted. Big Boy created a monster, and within seconds of walking in the door after I got back from Church I was being shown his various features.

Big Boy's Paper Monster - Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Big Boy absolutely loved it and so I pulled out the petite Toucan Box I'd been sent to review with Big Boy. The box contained what we needed to personalise a little bag. Big Boy was a little hesitant at first, but soon got into the spirit of things and created a truly marvellous and personalised bag.

Big Boy and his Toucan Box Bag

I loved that all we needed was in the box, although I did sit with Big Boy whilst he made the bag, I let him decide how to do it all (it drove a control freak part of me crazy) and I figure that the bundle of ten petite boxes that you can buy and keep in the cupboard for as and when the children need a little project to stimulate them is a brilliant buy and a much better idea than suggesting a reward of console time. Yes, I'm giving myself a talking to here.

Now, because I know you're going to love the Toucan Box, I've got a 25% off code for you to use at the website. Head over to to enter the code, which is RAMBLING14 and let me know what you order and then create.

We received the Petite Toucan Box to review.