Spring and Easter Crafting with Bostik

You remember how in February I said that I'm useless at crafting and then showed you how to make a Valentines wreath as part of the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network? Well, it's still true. Now, I understand what a good craft selection is all about, as do most people. We've all wandered round a craft selection and seen materials that inspired those of us who wish they were better at crafting. Look at this selection we were sent to make something with this Spring.

Selection of Craft Materials from Craft Merrily for Bostick Family Craft Network

Amazing right?

Well, after opening the box of craft items it dawned on me that I also know that good materials do not a good crafter make.  I've realised this last couple of months that, I'm Emmett from The Lego Movie. I need instructions, but the rest of the world seems to be filled with Master Builders or as we know them crafty people who know how to make something without instructions and make the rest of us feel bad. I'm now of the opinion that if you don't have the imagination, then it's okay to copy someone else... which is what Top Ender and I did, one Saturday morning on a at home Mummy/Daughter date.

Top Ender made this brilliant Daffodil, using a pipe cleaner, a bit of card and a cupcake case. That was inspired all by Top Ender, I have no idea where she gets her imagination from, as it's certainly not me!

Top Ender with her giant homemade daffodil

I started making a little Spring/Easter bunny bunting thing, which I guess is inspired by the Peeps you can get in the USA and are filling my Pinterest timeline. I was actually quite pleased with the little bunnies and have plans to make a HUGE one, I just need to actually sit down and do it.

Easter/Spring Peeps style Bunting

Where do you get inspiration for things you craft at home? Are you like me and copy things that you've seen on the internet (thank you Pinterest and Google Image Search) or can you look at a selection of craft items and know immediately how to create something fab?

Bostick Family Craft Bloggers Network Badge

I was sent the materials to craft with.