Breakfast. The Meal of Kings. #Review

Breakfast in our house has become a five minute affair and as I keep telling the children, a breakfast shouldn't include a pop tart more than once a month and that not every cereal needs sugar added to it (Hear that Daddy?!). The moans then usually start about how pop tarts taste yummy and other types of breakfasts are boring and taste like cardboard and I put my fingers in my ears and start singing "Tralalala, I can't hear you!" and the conversation is paused for another morning.

Until this morning.

This morning I got up super super early and set the table for breakfast for the children and I.

Princes Tinned Fruits.

I added fun tasty fruit muffins, yoghurt and muesli, bowls of fruit and glasses of fruit juice. I scrambled eggs and grilled some bacon. I once attempted making my own hash browns and remembering this, I added some from the Supermarket in to the oven. I put out the fun plates and napkins, funky table mats that I made just for the occasion.

I called the children down to join me and we sat at the table together.

The children didn't add sugar to anything (there wasn't any on the table). They didn't complain that breakfast was boring. We talked politely together and filled each other in on what was going on in our lives, various online worlds, at school, at work, at Church... and it was bliss.

Apart from I got left with the washing up as they disappeared off to School! What do you normally do for breakfast in your house?

Princes sent me some Fruit to add to my breakfast.