Why Can't I Lose Weight Like That?

One of my guilty pleasures is watching weight loss shows. I'm not one of the people who watches whilst eating a huge bar of chocolate or a tub of Ice-cream (although I could be), I tend to watch them whilst working out myself (well Wii U Fit step aerobics) whilst watching them motivates me, watching them also annoys me. I'm one of the people that you'd normally find on these weight loss shows. I have a lot of weight to lose, roughly half my body weight if I go by the height and weight recommendations (but I'm pretty sure if I went down to that weight I'd look ill, but we'll see when I get there eh?) and I have tried on my own unsuccessfully several times.

And so when I do diet and exercise, I try my hardest. I take pictures of everything that I eat and drink (I read that's supposed to help you be more accountable and realise just how much you're actually consuming), I go for a walk everyday and I use the Wii U Fit game to exercise. I have a couple of work out videos that I follow, I dance around the living room, I run up and down the stairs and I walk to School several times a day.

And yet when I weigh myself I don't lose the weight at the same rate those contestants on the TV do. When I take my measurements, I've not lost inches like the contestants on the TV do. I don't have any dark secrets that I'm holding back, or hatred towards my parents like the contestants on the TV shows do. I don't have a trainer yelling at me to push harder, to work for longer, to reach for more. I don't have a personal chef creating me low calorie, tasty meals.

A lunchtime Salad

I guess it's the lack of weight loss that's demotivating really. I can handle that I don't lose big numbers of weight each week, I understand that isn't possible really for people at home like me to lose weight like the contestants on the TV Shows but it still makes me think Why can't I lose weight like that?!