Cricut Crafting #Review

Ages ago (before Christmas) Cricut sent me their new Cricut Mini to review. I misunderstood, and thought that this was a temporary loan, but they actually gave me the machine. I wanted to fly out to Utah and kiss them all, but you know they'd probably wonder who the weird British woman was and lock the Cricut office doors.

I was thinking about the machine when I first got it and thinking about how I could use it. I tried a few bits and pieces, making a little gift box for Top Ender and then a few pieces to make Thank You Cards for friends and the like and then after finding a brilliant gift that I could make for Big Boy for Christmas I decided I needed to use the Cricut machine to make a gift for Top Ender.

Cricut Mini cut Butterfly picture
If you don't know Top Ender's real name you do now, but remember keep it hushed!
Anyhoo. Making this gift took minutes, the hardest part was keeping Tops out of the room whilst I was wrapping it, as she kept trying to come in to see what was going on. Top Ender loved it, not just because I used her favourite colours, not just because it was personalised she said the reason she loved it the most was because I made it for her.

The children think that this machine is amazing, they can't work out how it works and I'm not telling them (mainly because other than telling you it's a printer with a sharp bit in it that cuts bits out I don't know either!). The one thing I will say however is that the Cricut Mini has added a few different dimensions (hahah get it?!) to my crafting talents and I'm not actually doing anything!

What would you do if you had a Cricut Mini? If you give me some sensible answers I might even make you something!

I was sent a Cricut to review.