The Grass Is Greener

At the end of last Summer, I did something a bit drastic and hastily thought out. One warmish day, I decided that I what I really wanted to do was to remove the naff concrete slab path that had been placed (haphazardly) up the middle of my lawn and add "mud" and grass seed to the scar of earth that had been under the slab pathway.

Before my mind could jump into action, my body had already lifted a slab and moved it down to the patio... Ooops!

The plan was one day in early Spring I'd drive to the local DIY Centre or Garden Centre and buy some "mud" (Mud is what I call anything brown in my garden. Soil/Compost=Mud) distribute it to the dented bit of garden, add some grass seed and then watch as my grass magically grew overnight into big thick strong blades. One sunny day, just before Spring had officially sprung, Daddy decided that he was going to do my job. He disappeared off and purchased several bags of "mud", a huge bag of grass seed and despite me protesting that he was doing my job and me then going and hiding in our bedroom (I had a nice snooze) he didn't stop. And then my garden had a strip of mud up the middle.

Mud Strip in Lawn

We waited for what seemed like AGES for the grass seed to do something. I was sure that it hasn't worked and then on Mother's Day we noticed something. There was GRASS growing!

Mothers Day Grass

Now every day, I look out the kitchen window at my strip of burgeoning grass. It's getting longer right?

Grass in early April

So that's my life at the moment, I'm watching grass grow. How are things with you?