25 Quick Breakfast Ideas and More Required!

On the way home from Church at the start of Autumn, I announced to the children that I would like them to think of some different breakfast ideas for us three to eat on weekdays mornings. It seemed to me that we were only eating the same two or three dishes, the things that we turn to time and time again that we all like, or that most of us like. I wanted something different, something to tempt our taste buds and I wanted to keep the bank manager happy too!

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr having a morning photo

As it is quite cold in the mornings, I wanted something warm for them and I to eat before they head off out into the cold, but it also needed to be something that was fairly quick to prepare and/or eat, as we try to squeeze a lot into our mornings with Scripture Study and showers and taking our daily Instagram Selfies and of course the Children trying not to get out of bed until the last possible second...

So, we started a list of breakfast ideas that we already eat, which I've recreated below.

Cereal with fresh fruit scattered over the top.
Yogurt and fruit or Museli

Yogurt and Fruit

Home Made Breakfast Muffins
Toast with some kind of topping spread over the top.
Pancakes (American style) with fruit
Waffles (with fruit)
Crumpets (if I forget that the children say they don't like them!)
Croissants (a rare treat)
Gilmore Girl Bagels

Cake Flavoured Gilmore Girl Inspired Bagels

Sandwich Pinwheels
Pastries (Home made and a rare treat!)
Eggy Bready (but not the sweet version)

Eggy Bready or Gypsy Bread or French Toast.... seriously this dish is called tonnes of stuff!

Scrambled Eggs and Toast.
Omelette (only if we can bribe Dan Jon!)
Bullseye Egg (a rare treat)
Egg Muffins/Crustless Quiches
Boiled Egg and Dippy Soldiers

Boiled Egg and Dippy Soldiers

Beans on Toast.
Sausages and Hash Browns (a rare treat)
Sausage Sandwich (a rare treat)
Bacon Roll (a rare treat)
Home Made Sausage and Egg Muffins (more a weekend treat)
Full English (well my version of it)

My version of a Full English - Which changes every time!

Kippers with Fresh Bread (a rare treat for Me because the children aren't keen)
Porridge (with or without fruit!)

Blimey! We eat a huge variety of breakfasts, we could eat a different breakfast everyday for a month!

However, we're after some more ideas. We want to try some new ideas, some new breakfasts and so we're opening this up to you. What do you eat for breakfast with your family? What are your go to staples?

We're excited to know what breakfasts everyone else eats and looks forward to, especially if you have any slow cooker recipes! I've been experimenting with some over the last few weeks and have had some success...but I've also had a lot of failures! I'll have to blog them so that you can learn from my mistakes... or work out where I went wrong.