What We Are Eating W/C 19th November 2016

Hello! I'm excited about the meal plan this week, it seems like I actually have a life as I'm out a few times (I know the horror!) and so I'm going to try and keep everything simple and make sure that it is family friendly and tasty.

The A Mother's Ramblings Family

I'm also going to try and not use every single cooking pot in the house, because that way there won't be too much to do dishes wise as I hate doing the dishes!

Saturday - Take Away for the Boys

Top Ender is performing in a roadshow this evening. Basically this is an evening where the local wards of our Church gather together and perform for each other. This roadshow has the theme of Disney Musicals and so we're having a laugh and our ward are performing some songs from Tangled! Top Ender is Mother, so I have heard "Mother Knows Best" approximately 1 zillion times since we started rehearsing.

Anyway, Tops is being fed by the Bishopric of our ward at a last minute rehearsal (I may steal a slice or two as I'm assuming it will be Pizza, but I'll take a picnic tea for myself) and I thought I'd allow the boys a cheeky take away of their own... okay so Flyfour suggested it and I just agreed!

Sunday - Salmon

I was trying to think of a non-roast Sunday lunch (it's the time of year where we don't eat a roast on a sunday to make the Christmas roast even more special) and decided in the end that Salmon with boiled potatoes and some veg would be excellent.

If nobody else agrees I'll just give them some hard stares until they agree!

Meatless Monday - Soup and Toasties

I needed something today that Top Ender could easily serve up and carb Dan Jon Jr for as I'm going to be at a meeting. I decided that what we really needed was something like a Jacket Potato, but I thought that it would be a little too carby... so I thought I'd get Top Ender to make Soup and toasties.

Tuesday - Slow Cooker Chicken

I'm off out again today, I know stupid right?! So I'm making slow cooker Chicken with bacon and potatoes. I have no idea what recipe I'm picking, I just know it's one that I've made before and everyone enjoyed!

Wednesday - Fish Pie

Flyfour is late home tonight, so we're having Fish Pie again! I'm going to make the pie a Puff Pastry top instead of a Mash Potato top as a treat and as something a bit different to the normal mashed potato topped pie.

I have no idea what I'm going to serve it with, I think prehaps some crusty bread, but I'm not sure!

Thursday - Waffles and Fruit

The Children had waffles for breakfast this last week, and loved them. I topped them with fresh Strawberries, some cream and a little honey. Dan Jon Jr asked if we could have them again, so I thought a Thursday night treat would be a nice time for them and I might even break out the chocolate sauce.

Waffles wtih Strawberries and Cream

BTW the picture above is what we had for breakfast!

Friday - Baked Sloppy Joes

I'm off out again tonight! I know I think that I must be the worst mother in the world... okay so not really and it is really unusual for me to be out three nights in one week. To make it up to the family, I'm making baked sloppy joes as the whole family love it and it is super quick to make too.

Top Ender has the day off today, so I did think about getting her to help make it, but I think instead we'll have a day where we sit together and wrap gifts and watch Christmas films!