Ravensburger Fireworks Over Sydney 2000 Piece Puzzle #Review

I like to try to do things with my family.

Like, I might try a new food, or we might try a new sport, or we might read a new book together or craft together... the one thing that we hadn't done together for a few ears however was work on a jigsaw together. In fact, thinking on it, other than the small children jigsaws I hadn't really worked on a jigsaw since I was in labour with Top Ender.

It had to be rectified.

A family jigsaw was a perfect way for us to spend time together now that it was colder outside and all we wanted to be doing was curling up in our nice warm home with some cinnamon sprinkled hot chocolate and plenty of hot buttered teacakes...

By random coincidence I was offered a chance to review a jigsaw and so I accepted and this beauty, Fireworks Over Sydney, turned up.

Ravensburger Fireworks Over Sydney 2000 Piece Puzzle #Review

I was excited and started on the jigsaw on my jigsaw board on the living room floor.

The jigsaw was too big for my puzzle board!

I soon realised however that the jigsaw puzzle was too big for my jigsaw board, it had to be moved to the dining table. It was at this point that I also realised that my husband had no interest in helping me with the jigsaw as he doesn't enjoy them.

The jigsaw on the dining table

I was heartbroken, I mean we've been married for 15 years, how can he not like jigsaw puzzles and I not know about it?!

Dan Jon Jr tried to help me, but he didn't seem to get the whole just because two pieces look like they should fit together doesn't mean that they do. and Top Ender says she only likes the puzzles that have numbers on the back of the pieces

So, I was working on a 2000 piece jigsaw on my own.

An I have been working hard on it for the last month. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen various updates and if you've walked past my house in the last few weeks you would have heard me yelling with delight when I've found a piece that is missing from an otherwise completed section.

A almost completed section of jigsaw - just one piece missing!

I have to say that I didn't think that it would take me all month, but working for just a few minutes at a time several times a day adds up to a relaxing hobby and one that is satisfying (despite it's non completion!) too.

So as of today (3rd November) here is what the jigsaw looks like.

Ravensburger Fireworks Over Sydney 2000 Piece Puzzle - Almost complete!

I just hope I can finish it soon so I can have the dining table back!

The Ravensburger Fireworks Over Sydney 2000 Piece Puzzle is aimed at jigsaw lovers over the age of 14 and has an RRP of £20.99. It is hard work to put together but is really, really rewarding!

I received the jigsaw puzzle as a review item.