Kid Made Snow Globe Cards

Earlier this year one of my personal heroes asked if anyone wanted to join in with a Child made Christmas Card series. I thought this would be perfect for the children and I to do together during the October half term and as I had an idea, before I knew it I had volunteered myself and the Children to make some Snow Globe inspired Christmas cards... yeah I know I forgot that my children and I are rubbish at crafts.

The snow globe inspiration came from finding a stash of Pringle can lids in one of our crafting drawers. I had used the cans to make a punch game at Church (It was such a hardship having to eat 16 small cans of Pringles!) and had put the clear plastic lids to one side knowing that one day I'd find a use for them!

Kid Made Snow Globe Cards

Plus who doesn't love a glitter filled snow globe?

To make this card, you'll need the following supplies.

Blank Cards and Envelopes (or card and paper to make your own)
Glitter or small beads (Don't spill it over your new living room carpet)
Glue (I found a glue gun worked best)
Photos, bits of wrapping paper or cute drawings (they will be cut up)
Pens (to decorate the card with AND to mark out a circle)
Clear Plastic Circles from the top of Pringles, dairy cartons or similar!

I had a few pictures of the Children that I printed off, along with a few of Jingle and Belle, our Elf on the Shelf Elves and used the Pringle lid to trace round the area we wanted to use. However you can use a drawing or wrapping paper, or anything that you don't mind being displayed on the front of a Christmas Card.

The Children were quite happy to share the responsibility of tracing the circle on the photograph and to cut out the circles.

They did however complain that I should be paying them for this child labour. Luckily I managed to talk them out of this, and they agreed to make some more cards with me later this month, when they see what other designs people are linking up! I honestly can't wait.

Once we had the photographs cut out, we made a bit of a mistake. You see, to start with I stuck the photograph to the card which was a bad move. What I should have done (and we did we subsequent cards) was to fill the Pringle lid with glitter or beads and then hot glue the photograph to the lid, before finally sticking the photo to the card.

That way, it gave a much neater edge to the snow globe, but if I'm honest they were all a little messy, but I think it adds to the "We made these with our own little hands" honesty of the cards.

Lastly, we played around with a few ideas to finish off the card. We tried to draw a snow globe base on to one of the cards, we left it blank on another and we even attempted to decorate around the snow globe to disguise all that hot glue!

However you finish off your cards, I'm sure that you'll love spending time together creating something to give to family and friends this Christmas.

Kid Made Snow Globe Christmas Cards

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Don't forget you can check out the whole Kid Made Christmas Card Series at Mum in the Mad House and let me know if you try and make my Snow Globe card!

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