New Glasses and No More Glasses!

The last optician's appointment I went to, had me finding out that I no longer need to wear glasses. It wasn't that much of a shock, to be honest as, despite an increase in headaches over the last few months, I found that I was able to see better when I wasn't wearing my glasses and doing things such as reading or watching TV.

The Ophthalmologist that I saw explained that it was probably because I was wearing my glasses so faithfully when reading, using the PC and watching TV that I was developing headaches! The very thing I had got just two years ago to help me, was actually causing me pain!

So I left the Opticians, with my glasses in my handbag.

PippaD with her tongue out

Now it feels strange not to reach for my glasses when reading or using the PC or watching the TV and instead I've had to learn to tell Top Ender to put her glasses on...

That's right, I got told not to wear any glasses and at an appointment, two weeks before Top Ender was told she now needs to wear glasses!

Top Ender had been getting headaches when reading and we knew it was eye strain because she was describing the exact same symptoms as I had two years ago.

Of course, Dan Jon Jr was feeling a little left out as there was a two week cross over where Top Ender and I were both wearing glasses. So, when we went to his optician's appointment, he didn't need glasses, so being the cool mother than I am, I took him to Claire's Accessories and purchased him a pair of fashion glasses and now he looks like a Hipster.

Dan Jon with his Fake Glasses looking like a Hipster!

Seriously the boy never takes them off.

So now we're back to having one glasses wearer in the house whose constant moving of their glasses onto the top of their head is already driving the others (okay me) in the house to distraction!

Top Ender with her Glasses on the top of her head