The New Hall, Stairs and Landing Carpet

Thanks to the countless TV shows I've watched, where someone has been trying to sell a house, or do up a house, or something to do with a house and decorating I know that if you want to make an impression you have to start from as soon as you walk into your home.

Which is why, the changes we wanted to make to our Hall, Stairs, and Landing were so important as they are the first thing you see when you come in our front door and the red carpet? Well, I've never been a fan of it.

The Old Red Carpet in the hall and on the Stairs

Flyfour and I decided we wanted to continue the same colour theme of our living room into the hallway, which we had already started with our choice of wall paint colour. It's not quite the same, but it tones together nicely.

We decided to go with the same carpet in the hall, stairs, and landing as we have in the living room because we've also heard on all these TV shows that it helps with making the rooms feel larger, or more spacious at least and it also helps with a feeling of continuity.

Plus we got it when it was on offer.

We decided to repaint the wall stringer (it's the bit at the side of the stairs) and went with a new coat of Polished Pebble. Apparently, it's grey but I saw it as a matt white so who knows what is going on with my eyes!

There were a few issues when the chap came to fit the carpet, but I'll gloss over those as easily as it was to paint the wall stringer and just say that it is all rectified now and well, my hall is FABULOUS!

The Downstairs Hallway with new Carpet

Look at the landing, look how the carpet goes so nicely with the new bedroom doors!

The upstairs with landing and new doors

Look down my stairs!

Looking down the stairs with my new carpet

Look at that stringer and stairs!

The new carpet on the stairs and painted stringer

So now, my shoe unit at the bottom of the stairs sits beautifully atop of the new carpet and I can continue placing all my different flower arrangements on top of it in the hall window.

Gladioli flowers in the downstairs hallSweet Peas in the downstairs hall window

Every time Flyfour and I walk into our home we are so excited, the room is so light and grown up and just looks like we wanted it to. We are so excited that our home renovation is nearly finished and as almost everyone I've seen on the School run has said, it's going to be like having a new house!