What We Are Eating 16th September 2017

This is the week that my kitchen is going to be started work on. It's also the week the man is coming to start on the fascias and guttering and I think it's also the week the man is coming to do the garage door. Although those last two might be next week... I just can't remember. The point is, that it's a busy time here and the meals for the next two weeks are actually terrible, terrible meals so please don't invite yourself round to eat with us, but feel free to invite me and the family round to you!

Soon to be seen no more!

Saturday - Chicken and Chips

We have some Chicken and chips in the freezer that I want to use up because I'm pretty sure we won't be cooking anything from the freezer for a while as our cooker isn't going to be installed until about Halloween!

I'll have my chicken and chips with veg from the freezer, but I think that the rest of the family will go with Baked Beans... and that's not just because the veg in the freezer that we're down to is stuff like Brussel Sprouts.

Sunday - Sausage Pie

Flyfour is away to Amsterdam today for a work thing. He goes every year and the children and I love it because we get to eat all the food that he hates or can't eat. I normally make something a little special that they love, like Sausage Pie and because I'm amazing that will be our evening tonight and I won't worry about everything being run down for one night!

Monday - Pasta

We have to make up for last night, so the children will be having a meal at School (no packed lunch) and "just" a bowl of pasta with me this evening. Depending on what is in the cupboard we may also have a sauce with it, but more than likely a swish of butter!

Tuesday - Odds and Ends

Flyfour is back this evening/early tomorrow morning so the children and I will be making do with whatever is in the cupboard. I think it may be an odd combination of soup, beans and pasta!

Wednesday - Odds and Ends 2.0

Tonight is the last night that we might be able to use the kitchen as we've had the Thursday booked in as a provisional pre invasion of the kitchen fitters. Again as per last night, we'll be eating whatever is available and being grateful for it!

Thursday - Chips or Last Hurrah!

So if the Kitchen fitters have invaded today, I figured we'd do one of two things depending on if they are here, if Top Ender has guides and if we've used up everything in the cupboards! If Tops doesn't have guides then we're having chips for the van that stops outside our house. If Tops does have guides then it's beans on toast.

If the Kitchen fitters aren't here, then I'll use the oven one last time and make something nice for us.

Friday - Cheese Toasties and Soup

I know, going all out right?

So that's the plan for this week. A very cheap shopping week, which is lucky as I've spent a fortune on lunches at School for the children and Flyfour will sort himself out (which will also be a small fortune!) and I'll eat mug shots and mugs of soup and be happy that I've got something!