September Resolutions

I love September when the weather starts to turn and everywhere you look A4 lined notepads are piled high. It gives me the back to School feeling that is ingrained into those who have been part of the English School system. It's a chance to start afresh, to be the person your parents and teachers want you to be - organised!

This year is no different. Apart from as usual instead of teachers and my parents putting pressure on me, it's me putting pressure on me. In order to help me, (or rather try to help me!) with my quest for perfection, I have a few resolutions that I thought I would share with you.

Top Ender and Dan Jon ready for School. Well Dan Jon is, Top Ender has two more days off!

1) Everyone needs to eat more Healthily.

Look, I know my diet isn't the best out there. It does give the children at least seven portions of fruit and veg per day, two portions of fish per week, plenty of water each day, plenty of good fat, daily portions of dairy and to be honest there isn't that much sugar in our diet. Yes, we may go out occasionally with the sole purpose of eating ice-cream but it's a once in a while treat, not a daily habit...

However, we need to eat smarter and that is what we are doing from now on.

2) Bedtime is stuck to.

When Flyfour used to leave for work earlier and I went to bed and got up earlier, I was a lot more productive. If this is true for me then it must also be true of the children!

3) Homework First.

The children both now have brilliant areas to do their homework in, so as soon as they have got in from School and been to the bathroom and had a drink of water it's to work. They can play and do their other extra curricular activities once homework (including reading for thirty minutes!) is done.

4) Chores.

This is for me as much as for the children! I get that chores are boring, but if you want to keep the nice clean feeling of a new bathroom then chores need to be done before you get on with the rest of the stuff you want to do.

So, that's the four areas I'm hoping to see big improvements in... hopefully this time they'll stick!