The Completed Garden

I can't believe that I haven't updated you all about my garden! I guess, with Summer I just got a little carried away with actually enjoying my garden rather than talking about it and so I hope you'll all forgive me and if you can't forgive me, well then just invite yourself round for a barbecue or something. Also this post has a lot of pictures in it, so it's long. It's also pretty!

So, we asked a company called Golden Gardens to come round and talk to us about our garden and the plans that I had and what they envisaged for the space. We had a few other companies come around too, but well, it was Golden Gardens that we went with because when we met with Zane he understood what we wanted and was able to put a unique twist on it that would mean it matched our quirky family. Yup, he had our number right from the first meeting!

Now, in order for you to fully appreciate the transformation, I need to show you the horror that was my garden before any work took place.

An Overgrown Family Garden before Transformation

So, as you can see my garden was really over grown on all three sides. So over grown, that you can't even see the little house in the back right-hand corner! Before the team arrived, I figured I should try and do something to perhaps help the team and so I attacked the right-hand side of the garden as shown in the picture. Flyfour and I also took down the swing set and the house because they were no longer needed as both our children are a little bit too big for them.

A View of fruit tress no longer encumbered by weeds

As you can see, I made quite a difference to the back garden and I even managed to remove a fair bit of junk from the side driveway, which basically looked like the below.

a weedy shingle side drive way

Eventually, the team were able to start on our garden and I'm not going to lie the process was blinking terrible and everything looked a lot worse before it started to look better.

A ripped back garden in the process of being transformed

The skeleton of a transformation

The team seriously slogged through everything, but because they are so great at what they do they made it look easy. They were a great laugh and I hope they also understood that the cakes, bacon sandwiches, biscuits, quiche and other food I kept throwing at them were to make up for the fact that because I don't drink tea or coffee myself, I'm rather forgetful about making it for others!

In my defence, I did tell them this on the first day and then told them where the kettle was, and to make themselves at home by making tea or coffee (which I purchased especially for them!) whenever they wanted!

The results are honestly, truly amazing and the few people who have been round to see it in person are blown away with the quality of the workmanship and the difference it has made to my garden. No more crowded space, but three distinct areas that the whole family can sit in and enjoy.

A panorama of a made over garden

The above panorama was taken the day the guys finished in the garden, I hadn't quite moved everything into place and the fruit trees along the right-hand side hadn't come into fruit. Boy did they fruit this year!

Everywhere is fantastic, the view from the kitchen over the patio and up the lawn to the decking at the back looks good in the rain, in the sun and even in the mist we had the other morning!

A transformed garden space perfect for family life

The view from the den is lovely, no longer are we looking out a tiny window at gravel and junk, but now we have a beautiful side drive way which we're totally planning on doing some more with next summer (2018), but it's a bit of a secret at the moment as to what!

A tidy side driveway, block paved and no longer weed infested

I can say in all honesty that the garden now looks exactly as I had always wanted it to look and it was worth every penny.

So there you go, my garden, all beautiful and perfect!