The New Garden Seating Areas

A few weeks back, we were trying to think of how to differentiate between our three seating areas in the garden, mainly because if one of us says we are going to be out in the garden, we need to know how loud we need to yell, so that the person outside can hear us!

The family enjoying the garden together

We decided that what we really needed was to have different names for them and so we all decided to come up with a few that we could pitch to the others. Flyfour, however, managed to come up with what we think are brilliant names for them on the spur of the moment (well possibly he'd been working on this for months, but who knows) and so we're adopting them as the official names.

So please let me introduce you to the Patio.

The Patio - imaginative name right? No really it is!

Yes, I know that seems a bit... well, a bit like what it's actually called, it will make sense in a second, however!

Please, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the Selmao.

The side driveway or side patio aka The Selmao

Yes, this is the side patio and will now be called Selmao (despite Flyfour saying that this ISN'T how it should be spelt. My blog, my rules, however!) and if you are wondering what's going on maybe you will understand when we introduce the third seating area of the garden.

May I please introduce you to Deckling!

The Decking aka Deckling

Now, if you are really really confused don't worry, but maybe think back in time and realise that our family has a real love of The Simpsons. Now think about Marge's twin sisters. Patty and Selma and of course Selma's adopted daughter Ling...

Yup, we've named our outside areas after characters from The Simpsons.

I think we might need professional help.