What We Are Eating W/C 2nd September 2017

Well, it's back to School this week, although I think I might give myself another week or so off, depends if we get one of those Indian Summers everyone always dreams about at this time of year! As always I make a few different resolutions and one of them is about food this year, but see the blog post Monday for more details.

Saturday - Eating Out

The Children don't know, but we're planning a last Summer hurrah today and going to visit a place that they have both been to with Flyfour and we kept saying that we'd go back to. I'm packing a picnic for us there, and as I ALWAYS over pack we shouldn't need too much on the way home but we might accidentally stop at the Seaside for Fish and Chips.

Sunday - Roast Beef

Flyfour decided that we would have Beef today, as it's been a while since we had it and we do love a good Roast. As I have a few half packets of frozen vegetables in the freezer, we've decided to use them all together to make a sort of mixed vegetable cheese.

As Top Ender and I won't have eaten since the night before (it's Fast Sunday) we'll eat it even if the mixed veg cheese thing tastes terrible!

Monday - Gnocchi with Peas and Lemon Garlic Butter

We found some gluten free Gnocchi the other day, so we're having it tonight with peas and lemon butter and as it is Dan Jon's first day back at School he has picked tonight as the night we'll have a pudding, but if he doesn't hurry up and tell me what pudding he wants he might be going without!

Tuesday - Soy Sauce Salmon with Broccoli

I had this at a friends house once, they had spent a lot of time in Asia and assured me this was a proper Asian dish... Thinking on it now I'm pretty sure my friend just said that and really she was just trying to disguise how terrible her cooking was.

Wednesday - Baked Sloppy Joes

I feel like we haven't had this for AGES, I'm only making one despite every time we have it complaining that we want more, but I might make individual ones instead so everyone feels that they have a fair share.

Thursday - Chicken and Salad

I must admit that this meal is here on the pretence of it being a carb free meal, however its actually here for me as I really wanted Chicken and Salad and if I tell the rest of the family it's a medical reason, then they won't complain... too much at least!

Friday - Tandoori Fish

I thought I'd do something a little different today and so we're having curry but with Fish. Its a mild sauce, so Dan Jon should be happy, especially if I also pair the meal with a naan bread or two. As Flyfour made some rather lovely gluten free Naan Breads a few weeks back, I'll use the same recipe and pray that they turn out the same!

So, that is what we are eating this week. How about you?