What We Are Eating W/C 30th September

Wow! What a week. The Kitchen is finally in, although it's not quite finished as we're still waiting on the tiling to go up, the new oven to be delivered and installed and I still need to put everything back into the Kitchen! I think that because of this our meals this week are a little hotchpotch.

Saturday - Burgers (but we actually had sandwiches)

There were so many things going on today, that when the oven wouldn't work we just rolled our eyes and started working out a new plan about what we were going to eat. Which seeing as we had no food in the house meant a quick trip to the Supermarket!

We ended up doing the weekly shop and eating Sandwiches when we got home... in a power cut!

I knew I kept candles on the fireplace for a reason. They provided plenty of light during the power cut!

Sunday - Beef Casserole

Whilst we were wandering around Tesco, we didn't know that we would be able to fix our oven. So we were planning on things we could cook in the slow cooker until our Gas Engineer could make a trip out to us. I found a Beef Casserole kit, that said it was possible to cook in a slow cooker, so I cheated and just grabbed it. We'll see what it tastes like when we've cooked it!

Monday - Jacket Potatoes

We love cooking potatoes in the slow cooker, they are so crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and we'll serve them with Beans and cheese.

Tuesday - Bacon and Potatoes

I'm actually not sure what this will taste like.The other weekend I made roasted potatoes with spring onions in the slow cooker for a munch and mingle, they were lush but I thought they needed a bit of bacon... so we're trying it again tonight!

Wednesday - Chili Con Carne or Pizza with Chips

Dan Jon and Top Ender are having Pizza with chips, whilst Flyfour and I are having Chili Con Carne and Chips.

Sounds good to me!

Thursday - Chicken and rice with Vegetables

I just plan on throwing everything into a slow cooker and hoping for the best. If someone has a better idea please let me know!

Friday - Erm...

I may have forgotten that we need to eat tonight. I guess I'm off to the Supermarket again at some point this week!