A Doughnut Bar Kind Of Evening

At the end of last year, I had asked all the Young Women to list at least twelve different skills they would like to learn, twelve service ideas, twelve fun ideas of things they would like to do together and a further twelve of things they would like to do when we had Mutual with the Young Men. The young women came up with some BRILLIANT things to do, ideas that as leaders we may never have thought about, or may have thought that they wouldn't find interesting, or in some cases things that we didn't know that they didn't know.

One of the ideas they had come up with was having a doughnut bar, which was a great idea as the girls LOVE doughnuts and adding tonnes of toppings and different flavour combos? Well, that's the sort of thing that we all love to do right?

Heavily topped Doughnut Bar Creation

I decided that we had to make it a little more of a challenge for the girls however and so let them know that there was going to be a quiz, and they would be able to pick toppings based upon the number of points that they got from correctly answered questions. I didn't want the girls to be worried that they didn't know the answers to some of the questions, so I let them know that creative answers would also get points, and that flattery would definitely get them some extra points.

Of course, this was all a big ruse, they were all always going to be able to pick all the different toppings, we just needed the activity to last longer than a half hour and it was more fun for the girls thinking that they needed as many points as possible to get all the different toppings they wanted. Not that any of them cheated or anything.

The quiz was based around some of the things that the girls had said they would like to learn in the future and I just wanted to get a rough gauge for where their experience was at, so we'd know what to focus on and to give those in the ward who would be leading the skill sessions some ideas too.

The girls worked together, jokingly argued together about the answers and learnt a couple of things too and then at the end of it, got to make their doughnut creations and eat them. Not even Top Ender wanted to pose for a photograph of her eating her creation for me, but I managed to get a sneaky capture!

Top Ender eating a Doughnut Bar Creation

It was great fun and I think I may have to set a doughnut bar up at home in the very near future for the family to have some fun with!