World Book Day - #ShareAStory

Reading is important. You know that. I know that. The world knows that!

But, do you know why reading is important? Do you know what it changes in your children when you read to them or listen to them reading to you? Do you know what the long term benefits are? Do you know how it could affect your child's future?

Do you know the importance of spending 10 minutes a day reading with children? It can make a crucial difference to their future!

Well, thanks to research, by people way cleverer than me (for a start they don't say cleverer!) and personal experience I do and it is why I still read each day with both of my children, yes I am fully aware that Dan Jon is nearly 11 and Tops is 15 and today on World Book Day, I want us all to #ShareAStory!

Reading isn't about teaching them to read, although at the early stages it could be, but it's about teaching them many skills that they need in today's world and today's classroom too. When you read for just ten minutes with your children you are setting them up for success.

You're teaching them how to listen and how to concentrate.

You're teaching them new words and how to pronounce those new words and how they relate to the written word in the book you are reading.

You're teaching them how to put ideas in order and develop their memory skills.

You're teaching them why things happen and how to predict outcomes.

You're teaching them that you value their company and that they are worthy of your time.

Bookmarks asking you to Share a Story for just 10 minutes a day!

This is a call to action, asking you to read with your child for just ten minutes a day be they 0 days old, or nearly 11!

Maybe you could get up ten minutes earlier, and enjoy a cuddle in bed whilst reading a story together.
Maybe it could be the first thing you do when you get in from School or work each evening.
Maybe it could be something you do in the car, whilst you are waiting for the School Gates to open.
Maybe you could spend ten minutes at bedtime, before you turn out the lights, reading with them so that they go to bed dreaming of the adventures you are reading together.

Whenever you are able to read with or to your children remember that you are helping them to develop a lifelong love of reading, which means a lifelong love of learning, of being able to relax and you'll never be stuck for a gift to get them!

Read to your children every day and raise a reader for life

I'm proud to be supporting World Book Day's campaign Share A Story because reading every day is the one thing my children or I don't need to be reminded to do... in fact, we sometimes need to be reminded to stop!