Dora The Explorer The Movie (For Real!)

Before I start, this is not a sponsored post, I haven't been asked to show you this, but I saw it and HAD to share it.

I love Dora The Explorer, even if I do suspect that she was sneaking into my Son's bedroom at night and teaching him how to spell and how to speak Spanish. So when I saw a trailer for the new Dora movie in my Facebook timeline I, of course, clicked it and gave it a watch.

Unlike me, lots of people HAVEN'T clicked and watched the trailer, which horrifies me, because it looks absolutely HILARIOUS. Seriously, I really hope that it is supposed to be funny because I was cracking up the entire trailer.

The movie is out this Summer, and I can seriously NOT WAIT! Please tell me I'm not the only adult who is super excited about this movie and that I'm not the only person who cracked up at the trailer!