Cats Prove The Earth Isn't Flat!

Dan Jon came in from School with some urgency this last Tuesday, he had run home from School and when he arrived at the door, he was a little breathless, but without even stopping to take off his coat, hat or bag he bounded up the stairs two at a time, pausing momentarily to call back to me;

"I need to do a search!"

What was so urgent?
What did he so desperately need to research?
What couldn't wait until after he had given me a kiss or even taken off his coat?

I knew that I had to follow him if I wanted to find out, so I went upstairs just in time for him that have turned on his computer and to see him type;

"My friend is a flat earther, how do I kill him?"

Dan Jon, all cute and innocent until he google searches!

I paused for a moment or two before glancing at Dan Jon's face, which showed he was trying very hard not to crack up laughing at my face, which according to him was a cross between pride, concern and amusement.

There was a lot of giggling as he explained he wasn't really going to kill his friend, his friend just needed to be stopped with his flat earth rhetoric and there was of course just one way to do it.


Dan Jon and I then had the conversation we have every day, where we talk over different bits that had happened during his day, and things that happened during my day and it was then that Dan Jon came out with the best ever answer to how he one hundred per cent knew that the earth was not flat.

"If the earth was flat, then all the Cats in the World would have pushed most of our belongings off the edge by now. This totally proves that the World is NOT FLAT!"

I guess my child is a genius because that is the real Scientific proof we all needed to hear!