I Passed Out On A First Aid Course

If you haven't read my post from yesterday, then you won't know that I was being a good Brown Owl, and had signed up for a First Response First Aid course which is how last Sunday I found myself sat in a room with 10 other Guide, Brownie and Rainbow Leaders being taught the aforementioned First Response First Aid.

A CPR Dummy

We had covered CPR (see my blog post from yesterday) and my internal monologue around an hour after lunch was going something along the lines of:

Okay, dislocated shoulder, strap here and here, get them to the hospital.
Do you remember when that was on Grey's Anatomy? Or was it Holby? No Grey's, it was that teenage girl when Alex was going to prison and she just popped it back in.
Oooh, I feel a bit funny.
Oh, I know this feeling it's how I feel just before I pass out.
Yeah right, I'm going to pass out because of talking about dislocated shoulders.
I'm feeling a bit hot. I'll just fan myself with this clipboard.
That's not helping.
Oooh, I'm feeling a bit woozy. Cross my legs and clench my fists. 
Nope, not working, still feeling woozy. 
I'm not going to pass out in front of all these people
Oh yes I am.

It seemed I had two options. Pass out in front of all these people, or try to discreetly leave the room so I could pass out in private. I opted for the latter and discreetly stood up and left the room.

Or so I thought.

I think what really happened was, the trainer had already clocked that I was blanching and using my clipboard to fan myself a little and could see my crossing my legs and clenching my fists. All ways that I've been taught to help myself to not faint.

Look, when you pass out whenever you see blood, you get taught a few things.

When I stood up, instead of it looking like I was discreetly leaving to use the bathroom as it did to most of the other attendees, he noticed I was leaving the room stumbling like someone who was about to pass out.

I sat in the hallway for a moment or two where I know I briefly lost consciousness. That was okay though because I know, once I've passed out I'm normally okay. Not this time. Nope, this time a good ten minutes later and I was still feeling woozy, like I could pass out again and was being offered chocolate by the trainer (It was a Twirl and I love Twirls, but I still declined) and instead I opted to lay down at the back of the room, with my eyes closed and trying not to reevaluate the life choices that had led me to this moment.

I knew I was never going to live this down.

I guess the good news from this is that not only did I get my certificate, but if you are going to pass out in a room full of people, the best place to do it is in a room full of people who have just been taught what to do and with a fully qualified first aider and first aid trainer on hand.