Forgotten Words

Last night as Flyfour and I were going to bed, we were having a conversation about the difference in prices and products between the Co-op near our home and the Co-op not too far from his work. It isn't a problem, we know that they have different offers based on who shops there and new products and probably even down to the Managers discretion at times, it was just interesting.

Flyfour mentioned that at the local branch to his office, there was an offer on gluten-free... and he blanked. He couldn't for the life of him work out the word that he had lost was, so he started to describe the item.

"Slimy round bread things..."

PippaD and Flyfour

It was dark as we had already turned off the lights, but I think even in the dark, he could see that  I was giving him the most confused look I could muster.

"You know, they have a lattice on top!"

I giggled that I was going to put this on Facebook, that maybe someone else would be able to work out what he meant, and of course, I was hoping that other people would also find it as amusing as I had.

Just as I had finished putting it on Facebook, he remembered the word.

"CRUMPETS" he joyfully exclaimed.

I guess, now that I know he thinks of Crumpets as slimy then I know why the children don't like them, they've just inherited Flyfour's disdain of one of my favourite comfort foods!