Week Four Of Salads

So, the month of Salads is finally over and I'm not glad because I disliked the month, but I'm pleased because it was "hard" coming up with lots of different salads, especially when the family are so vocal in what they do and don't like and sometimes didn't want to try meals because they had preconceived ideas over what it would be like, what it would taste like or how it didn't fit in with what they thought they did or didn't like!

So the last week saw us having a BRILLIANT Roast Chicken, Salad and Rice combo. This is what I was brought up eating in the Summer when it was too hot to cook, or my Mum fancied a night off. She'd buy a Deli Roast Chicken from the Supermarket, a bag of salad and send one of us to the local Chinese to buy a portion of Egg Fried Rice.

Roast Chicken, with Salad and Rice, eaten in the garden

I forgot to take a picture of the Mixed Bean and Rice Salad, which is a shame as Top Ender LOVED IT and asked for extras, and had leftover rice, beans and salad for her lunch at School the next day and has asked that we will make this something we have again!

The Halloumi Salad was the best, but then again, that could just be because Halloumi is the best cheese in the world and not because I cooked it to perfection or because the salad was brilliant.

So overall what has this month taught us? Well, actually it has taught us a lot.

During the last week of our month of Salads, Dan Jon had a meeting with his Diabetic Team, who noticed that Dan Jon's HBAC was down and that his weight was more stable than it had been in the six years they'd been seeing him.

Top Ender and I both noticed that our monthly cycles were a lot "easier", with me not having stomach cramps AT ALL and my period only lasting seven days. Yes, I said only.

Everybody discovered that they had a healthy bowel, with them being erm used several times a day...

We all found that our skin tone was better with fewer spots and breakouts and just seemed more I don't know, youthful?!

So we've decided that we are going to have Salad at least twice a week during the Spring and Summer, our weekly Roast may be Salad and Rice with Chicken in addition to this and Spinach and other vegetables are going to be a regular staple in our breakfasts, sandwiches or as a side in our main meal.

Scrambled Egg, Avocado and Bacon. A really lovely Breakfast!

It looks like the month of Salads was a good month!