Am I A Gardener Now?

When we had the back garden sorted out by the lovely Golden Gardens crew, Flyfour and I were sure that this was it. This was what we had needed to help us be successful adults in relation to Gardening. now we had three lush little raised beds, we'd be able to grow flowers and maybe some vegetables or herbs and then we'd have flowers, and food and a nice space to hang out in and everything would align and we'd realise that we did inherit our Grandparents green fingers.

Only it didn't work out like that.

Our first foray into the world of gardening had us all at a Garden Centre, picking seeds we could plant in the beds without having to germinate and plant out little seedlings. We found a few, we all gathered round and planted and were eager to have our lovely little border full of flowers. A week later and a flash flood caused all the seeds to be washed away.

Excuse Top Ender blocking the raised beds, but it was the only picture I could find of them!

Then in late 2018, Top Ender had a few days off School and in an attempt to get her a little excited about anything, I remembered the thrill from getting my hands dirty when I'd been allowed to garden with my Parents or Grandparents and thought that adding in the joy of service it could help her get out of the funk (it didn't, but we did have fun hanging out together) so after a trip to Wilkos, where we purchased some bulbs, she and I cleared the beds, gave them a turning over and planted the bulbs as a gift for Flyfour.

AND THE PLANTS GREW AND NOW THEY ARE STARTING TO FLOWER! Sorry for shouting, I'm just uber excited.

It was a great thrill seeing the plants peek through the soil and even more so when Flyfour and I thought it was about time we attempted to grow some seedlings. Having great memories of Sweet Peas not only their colours but their smell and memories of picking them with my Nan, I managed to persuade Flyfour that this was the perfect plant for us to grow... and they are growing, despite the wind trying it's hardest to batter them down.

Seedling Sweet Peas starting to climb a frame

I'm so excited for my flowers. Does this make me a Gardener now?