Baby Boy Giggles - Hide and watch TV

Baby Boy hiding in a wooden playhouse
Baby Boy and I were having a game of hide and seek in the living room. As he ran to hide behind the curtains I quickly jumped on to the sofa and huddled into a ball whilst pulling a blanket over me.

"Come and find me!" I called
"Mama?! he called back giggling as he did.

I heard an odd sound of the bean bags being moved and then the further rustle which sounded like Baby Boy sitting on the bean bag. I peeked out of the edge of the blanket and saw Baby Boy sitting on the bean bag in front of the TV with the remote in hands having figured out how to turn the TV over so he could watch cartoons.

"Baby Boy?" I said indignantly
"Boo Mama!" he giggled whilst not taking his eyes off the TV.