Daddy Giggles - I knew it when I married him!

Top Ender and Daddy in a seaside head in a hole scene

Daddy and I have been encouraging Top Ender to drink water through out the day, as we told her that being hydrated would help her get better. We have been adding very weak squash to the water in order to get her to drink it, at more than a rate of a bottle every 24 hours

Daddy went into the kitchen to fill up Top Enders Bottle and I could hear him pushing the freezer stick into the bottle.

"Daddy? The freezer stick is supposed to stay in the cap" I called
"But then the lid doesn't come off!" he called back
"You have to unscrew the top lid" I called back again
"That hole is too small for pouring things in!" he answered
"Then you unscrew the second lid" I called back

I could hear the top lid being unscrewed, followed by the second lid and a gentle giggle from Daddy:

"I wondered how you were supposed to get the stick out to put it in the freezer!" he giggled

Top Ender has only had the bottle for nine months!