The Yummy Mummy with no tummy Challenge - Week Fifteen

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This week on the Yummy Mummy with No Tummy Challenge, I have done well... despite eating a lot of junk food this past week as Daddy hasn't been around.

My weight has dropped by a further 1lb, but it isn't enough in my opinion and so I'm being silly this coming week and following a diet that if it were a Twitter user would probably be one of those Britney Bots providing lavish attention to the auparishtaka she is performing. Low IQ and plenty of hot air.

I am on the Cabbage Soup diet, but my healthier version of it! I am hoping that if I follow it for a week (I followed it in the 90's once or twice) that it will help me lose a bit more weight before Christmas. Yes I know that it will probably be just water, but it is the increased confidence in myself that the weight loss will bring that I am really after.

I hope that this week will see me losing around 7-10lbs and with the exercise plan staying the same (an hours walk everyday, 30 minutes following my online plan, the wii game work out for 20 minutes everyday and 10 minutes of weights) maybe even more.

I will just point out that I know this is silly and if I weren't as overweight as I am and needing something drastic I wouldn't even consider it, but at this point I need to take some drastic measures.