Let there be lights! Or Week Fourteen is Holiday Decor

The High Street Christmas Tree

This week is my favourite week in the Holiday Grand Plan because it is Holiday Decor Week! Normally I would of been putting up decorations today, but Daddy isn't around and so we will wait until he can be part of the fun before we put them up... hopefully it will be Tuesday! We will put up the trees in Top Ender and Baby Boys rooms and Top Ender will have some fairy lights hung too and we will make our Christmas cake later today.

What I will do this week however is make a few more treats and finish off the last few bits I need to do such as;

*Decorate the cake we are making today
*Work at least 2 hour a day on homemade gifts.
*Look for a Holiday Outfit for Me
*Watch one Christmas film as a family a week and one a day on my own!
*Enjoy the booked/scheduled family events

Talking of scheduled events yesterday saw the lights being turned on in our local High Street. As is now Tradition Top Ender, Baby Boy and I walked into Town to see this. We bumped into a friend of Top Enders who had also come down with her Mum and brother and we ended up standing together to watch the big switch on.

This year they were turned on by the the two leads in the Panto production of Cinderella. Cinderella (Louise Dearman) and Prince Charming (Ben Adams of A1) were there and when Cinderella walked past I couldn't help but say Hello as I use to go to school with Louise. When she recognised me and gave me a kiss hello Top Ender and her friend were most impressed and my street cred was raised.

Of course it may of been this that then caused me to do something very silly indeed. The Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon was requesting entrants into "The Xmas Factor". Top Ender wanted to sing, and so she went up with her friend and they sang Jingle Bells... and then I went up to sing.

Have you got the Xmas Factor

I use to sing a lot, I was considering becoming an Opera singer for quite some time and thought maybe even a lounge singer would be the right career choice for me but I knew I wasn't good enough and so sang for fun instead. That being said the last time I properly sung (something that wasn't a Nursery Rhyme or a Kids TV Theme or a snippet of a song) was in January at my Gran's funeral.

Anyway back to the story. I sang the first verse of In the Bleak Midwinter and afterwards everyone (there were quite a few people there) clapped and cheered and I nearly wet myself as I didn't realise there were that many people listening! About ten minutes after I went on they asked everyone who had performed to come onto the stage so they could announce the winners of the various categories.

"And the winner of the Female Adults is..............Pippa!"

Yup that's right me! I was then handed a bottle of wine, which as you all know (Yes you do it was in an Award post back in June.... look it is this one here) I can't drink as I am a Mormon.

There is a video of my performance, but at the moment it is stuck on the phone of the mum of Top Enders friend.... maybe if she can get it off I will post it here for you all to laugh at :)

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