Making Space for the new Christmas toys (Week Eleven of the Holiday Grand Plan)

Top Ender with a painted Snowman on her cheek and red streaks in her hair
This week is the Garage and Storage week in The Holiday Grand Plan. My garage is one of those rooms where it will get cleaned up and tidied and then it will stay great for a few weeks, months even and then one thing will be moved and another and another and before we know it the Garage is in a shambles again.

I will sort out as much as I can without 'Daddy' helping, but with it raining this week it might be a little hard. I also need someone much more handy than me to drill in the Garage wall as I have brought a rack for our bikes, which should save some space for Top Enders and Baby Boys!

This week though I need to spend more time on Christmas Crafts and my general Christmas prep as I realised that I have used up some of my Holiday Meals and my Holiday cookies!

This week I also need to carry on with the holiday prep which this week consists of:

*Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
*Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
*Buy two canned food items from menus
*Work at least 2 hour a day on homemade gifts.

And we will continue to;

*Look for Holiday Outfits for Me and tights for Top Ender
*Stock the Mummy Christmas Shop
*Watch one Christmas film as a family a week
*Continue with Top Ender writing her Christmas cards to the children in her year
*Continue planning weekly Christmas memory events (like our late night trip to London)!

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