A Minute for Madeleine

Top Ender was asleep in my bed as Daddy was at work and we had been celebrating my birthday by having a midnight feast. The news came on and I heard about a young girl, Madeleine Mcann, who had gone missing whilst on holiday. I silently said a prayer that this little girl would be found, her family be given comfort and that I would never be in the same position as them. I didn't realise for a few minutes, but Top Ender had woken up and was watching the news story with me.

As Top Ender lay in my bed she started to say out loud a prayer for this little blonde girl and her family. She realised that she was only a few months younger than this little girl and knew that this little Girl was somewhere without her parents and her siblings and would be scared. The prayer that she said was simple and beautiful and broke my heart that both Top Ender and Madeleine were being exposed to something as terrible as this.

I don't know if someone who reads this blog knows where Madeleine Mcann is. I don't know if someone who reads this blog knows where any child that has gone missing is. But I hope that if you reading this right now and you do know that you will act and tell the local police.

Top Ender and I have watched this video. I explained to her again the rules about Strangers and she asked if she could have a moment of your time as she has something to say to the people who took Madeleine away;

"Give her back. She wasn't yours to take and you shouldn't keep her. How would you like it if you were taken away from your Mummy and Daddy or your child was taken away from you?"

and to Madeleine she wants to say

"Don't be scared, your Mummy and Daddy and lots of people all over the world are looking for you and we will find you, I promise we will find you."

Its never too late to do the right thing. If you know anything at all, do the right thing now and contact your local police.