The Yummy Mummy with no tummy Challenge - Week Eleven

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My Body is a Temple. I ought to fill it with fruit and vegetables and the occasional meat offering, but somewhere down the line I went off the recommended diet and started filling my Temple with junk food and turned my Temple into ruins.

Mummy in front of a Greek ruin
Like what I did there?

The problem with me is I get distracted. Ooh, Daddy has just come home with a Tesco bag - must see what he has bought. Back in 5.

See? Like I said distracted.

Combine this with my love of multi-tasking (I am currently watching House whilst typing this, as it is really 21:15 on Sunday) and you have why, in my opinion, I can't lose weight.

I start one task and before I can finish it I have moved on to another, either by mistake or by my own design. I think know this is also the reason as to why my house isn't as clutter free and clean as I wish it was!
Having this blog as a form of accountability has helped a lot, because I know that I have plans for dinner each night and I know that if I don't lose weight then you are all going to know about it!
So I weigh 19 stone and 3lbs today and by the end of this week I won't!

Meal Plan

Breakfast: Meal Replacement Drink (Slimfast to you and me!)
Lunch: Sandwich or Meal Replacement Drink

Monday: Roast Turkey and Vegetables
Tuesday: Bubble and Squeak with Mash
Wednesday: Pasta frittata
Thursday: Turkey Pie with cubed roasted potatoes
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Creamy Fish Lasagna
Sunday: Steak and Mushrooms

Exercise Plan

Monday through Saturday: 30 minute walk, ten minutes of weights, and 20 minutes following my online plan each day.
Sunday: Two hour walk, ten minutes of weights and plenty of family fun!