Getting the house ready for Christmas - Week Twelve of the Holiday Grand Plan

Top Ender sitting on the sofa with Toys and Christmas pillows watching a Christmas film
This week is Week Twelve in The Holiday Grand Plan, which means it is time to attack the attic. Unfortunately I am not allowed to do this one as Daddy doesn't like the thought of me falling down the loft ladder. So this week I will try to do the Garage again as last week the weather was against me.

I did spend a fair amount of time working on craft projects this week and have managed to do a lot more than I expected, even finding time to sew up some toys with holes and missing ears and the like!

This week I also need to carry on with the holiday prep which this week consists of:

*Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
*Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
*Buy two canned food items from menus
*Work at least 2 hour a day on homemade gifts.

And we will continue to;

*Look for Holiday Outfits for Me and tights for Top Ender
*Stock the Mummy Christmas Shop
*Watch one Christmas film as a family a week
*Continue with Top Ender writing her Christmas cards to the children in her year
*Continue planning weekly Christmas memory events (although I have now booked all the big events)!

The only thing I have left now is to start the menu plan for December. This year as we have all the big events organised I just need the perfect holiday food. I am going to make Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake for after we put our decorations up (which will be late this year as Daddy is going to Chile for work when I had scheduled it!) and here is the recipe for you (especially Flybabyf!)

All you need is;

•1 chocolate cake mix
•1 chocolate pudding mix
•3/4 cup oil
•1 cup water
•4 eggs
•1 (6 oz) bag of chocolate chips
•1 pint sour cream

I like to oil the sides of the slow cooker before placing the mixed ingredients into the pot and putting it on low for the next six hours. It is great served with vanilla ice cream or just plain pouring cream!

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And this week I would also like to recommend Hannah at Home Baked who although isn't following the Holiday Grand Plan is getting ready for Christmas in her own way and has some great Christmas posts and some great ideas that I will be borrowing and adapting for myself!