A bad day made worse, then better, then more horrid!

After we had returned home to wait for the Doctor or Hospital to call us because of Baby Boy's Corneal Abrasion we were distracted by a dripping sound coming from the kitchen. Baby Boy and I walked into the Kitchen and we were greeted by a big puddle over the floor and it appeared to be coming from the cupboard under the sink. Whilst Baby Boy rushed to grab me a towel I gingerly opened the cupboard to see water everywhere!

I turned off the water to the house, called our home care team to arrange a plumber, cleaned out the cupboard and started mopping up the water. Even leaving the back door open to try and dry the floor more quickly in case Baby Boy and I had to rush to the hospital for his appointment. We spent all afternoon waiting for two phone calls whilst cuddling on the sofa feeling sorry for Baby Boy and grieving for the loss of my greaseproof paper and other Kitchen supplies.

Eventually the plumber came, but not until after we had picked Top Ender up from school (who was most disappointed that we weren't her Granny) and he quickly fixed the source of the leak and informed me that the taps on my sink were the wrong way round. As he wasn't a good looking chap I didn't ask him to correct it for me...

As you may know, we then went to the Hospital where Baby Boy had to suffer an eye exam and then we made our way home. As we were feeling sorry for Baby Boy and it was late, we decided to buy Happy Meals for Top Ender and Baby Boy so that they wouldn't have to wait whilst we cooked something. Top Ender ate quite happily but Baby Boy just wanted to cuddle me, as he was a little sore, a little grumpy and a little sleepy too. Eventually he ate a few little bites before suddenly he went quite pale.

He climbed off my knee and stepped backwards, giving me a look that every mother knows means trouble, before vomiting all over me, the sofa, the scatter cushions on the sofa and himself. Like I said it was a bad day made worse, then better then more horrid!