I see Beautiful People...

I love these videos from Daily Mugshot, even though I don't see myself as someone who is particularly beautiful there are images in the video of me where I think that I look good, pictures where I think that my nature shines through, pictures where I think that others might think me attractive (other than my husband and he has to think I am beautiful as he is married to me) and that makes me happy.

The video of Top Ender is fantastic, she is so smiley and happy and I don't care what the little old ladies say... she does look like me... okay, okay and a lot like her Daddy. Top Ender has this amazing ability to laugh at herself and I love that this comes easily to her! She is so smart and self assured, if there is something that she wants she goes after it and this determination is going to do her good in the future. I am proud to be her Mummy.

I can't believe how much Baby Boy has changed, he has the same smile as Top Ender and me, the same nose, the same eyes and the same messy hair... poor kid. Don't get me wrong, he is similar to his Daddy too but Baby Boy is me in so many ways, we even share the same temper! He is so good natured, so friendly and inventive and I just can't wait to see what he becomes, how many more changes he will go though. I am proud to be his Mummy.

I love my beautiful family and my beautiful life.