A Corneal Abrasion

Baby Boy woke up at 5am screaming that his eyes hurt and that he wanted "MUMMMMMMY!" I managed to calm him down and get him to lay in his bed, with me gently stroking his face to calm him down. Just after 6am Baby Boy woke up again and Daddy took him downstairs. Every so often I could hear Baby Boy shouting that his eye was still hurting and even though he was in fine spirits we knew something was wrong and so I called for an early morning appointment at our local Doctor's Surgery.
Baby Boy has a Corneal Abrasion and looks very sad about it

The Doctor looked at Baby Boy and could see he was in pain, he didn't want to open his eyes, his eye was swollen and blood shot and even the light she was using was causing him discomfort. The Doctor wasn't sure, but felt that something might have got stuck in the side of his eye and couldn't be flushed out naturally and this what was causing the pain and so decided that the best place for us to go was the Eye Casualty. Our local hospital only a few minutes away declared themselves too busy to see us, our only other option was an hour away.

We waited all day for the Hospital to give us an appointment to see Baby Boy.

At 4:50pm Daddy chatted to me over MSN saying that he would be leaving work in ten minutes to walk home, and if the hospital called to pick him up on the way. The Hospital called a few minutes later and asked if we could get to them within an hour. It was the start of rush hour and we live a little over an hour away on a good day. "Of course!" I said.

We managed to get to the hospital at 5:59pm, without breaking any laws. Then it was our turn to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Eventually we were seen. The Doctor (who was quite dishy) put some stain into Baby Boy's eye and after a brief struggle we were able to see a scratch across Baby Boy's eye that was large enough to warrant using an antibiotic eye drop to help prevent any infection.

Baby Boy after he has had an exam to diagnose a Corneal Abrasion

We have to go back on Monday to have Baby Boy's eye checked over again, just to make sure that it has healed/is healing properly and because of a similar event last week that it isn't something more serious... and to see that dishy Doctor again!