I didn't think I was that boring - Mummy Giggles

I am sure that I am not the only person in the world who when they are watching TV multi-tasks and also plays on the internet. This was what was happening last Sunday when I was watching PS I Love you and I saw a Facebook update from my sister that made me want to call her. When on the phone we chatted about the issue which was making her feel bad and then I decided to cheer her up by sharing some funny stories that had happened since we had spoken last.
My Sister

I told my sister about the nits that I had (itchy!!!) and I told her about Baby Boy telling me what I had to choose, I told her an amusing joke Top Ender had told me and I told her a funny story about Daddy talking in his sleep. I was laughing but couldn't hear my sister giggling along with me.

It was then that I realised that the other end of the phone was all quiet.

"Kitty?" I asked tentatively
There was no answer.
"Kitty are you okay?"
Again there was no answer. I was a little worried now, I knew that the line wasn't dead so where was my Sister?
"KITTY! ANSWER ME! I shouted

There was a pause and then as if there had been no gap since I had last spoke

"Haha, that's well funny. You know when mumblemumblemumble..." my sister said
"What was my story about?"
"Erm.. I don't know!"
"Kitty? Did you hear me calling you?"
"No... Did you?"
"Kitty did you fall asleep talking to me! Am I *that* boring?"

That's right my own sister fell asleep talking to me on the phone. Shall just have to strike her off the birthday gift list!