Personalised Books from Penwizard

I received a discount code for a free personalised book, but I have gone and brought a second book after I received the first book, as the books really are fab!

Every year my sister and I get together before Lent starts and discuss what we are going to do for Easter. We have a lot to plan, as not only do we need to plan the Easter Egg hunt, but we need agree what we are buying treat wise for each other's families, what we are going to spend, what type of treat we are buying and where we are going to go for our (now) annual Family Easter Day walk. We like to tell each other of bargains that we have seen and if we are straying from the "normal" treat of an Easter Egg what that treat is. This year I was very excited to tell her that I was going to be getting Baby Boy a personalised book from Penwizard instead of buying him an Easter Costume... after all he already has a cute Easter Costume!
Baby Boy dressed up as an Easter Chick

I decided to get a Peppa Pig book for Baby Boy, as he is Peppa Pig mad at the moment even wanting to be her when he grows up! Penwizard were kind enough to send me a voucher to get a free book and so I set about making the character that would represent Baby Boy in the book. You can choose from different hair styles as well as hair colours and you can choose the right skin tone and eye colour and even add glasses to the character!

Personalised Peppa Pig Book from Penwizard

I was worried Baby Boy wouldn't recognise himself as a Peppa Pig character, but I needn't of worried as he came over to see what I was going and asked "Why is Me and Peppa holding hands?" Seems to me that he has been thinking about what he would look like if he were a Peppa Pig Cartoon character!

When the book came I was really impressed with the quality and the actual story is the story of when Emily Elephant starts Play Group, so it was something we were familiar with. Baby Boy was quite happy to hear it being read to him and keeps telling his friends and other family members that he goes to School with Peppa Pig! I was that impressed with the book that I went back and ordered a book for Top Ender.

Personalised Princess Book from Penwizard

I think that Top Ender will be just as impressed with her story especially as it has me and Daddy and Baby Boy in it!

If you would like to buy a Personalised book from Penwizard, then you can have a £2 saving by entering the code 651234 to your basket... I am already looking at buying a football one for Uncle's birthday in November!