Making Chores Fun - Cleaning The Car

Most days it is just Baby Boy and I at home (as Top Ender is at School and Daddy is at work) and we have a long list of chores that we like to try to get done in a fun way. There are of course chores that we might not get done during the day, but end up doing after School like Cleaning the Stairs but it's still fun trying to fit chores around playing trains, drawing and watching Cartoons. One chore that we don't do as regularly as we should, but have great fun doing when we do get round to it is Cleaning the Car! In the winter, we tend to not wash the car ourselves (we like to have fun but we aren't stupid, it's freezing out there!) but we do like to clean the inside of the car!

The first thing that we pretend is that the car is a treasure chest by opening up all the car doors and going round to each seat in turn to pick up any rubbish or toys that may have been left in the car. We use a carrier bag for the rubbish, and another bag for treasures! After we have done this Baby Boy will climb in and around the car, whilst I start hoovering the car.

Baby Boy climbing about the inside of the Car

It is fairly exciting climbing over chairs and through gaps and Baby Boy loves being able to be "naughty" climbing over the chairs that he has normally got to sit still on! Then of course comes the dusting. The best thing for dusting is wearing gloves, so in the winter it's fantastic because we are already wearing them! Normally whilst I am dusting Baby Boy has the more important job of driving the car to an exotic destination!

Baby Boy pretending to drive the Car

And just on a side note, we didn't realise the day that we took these pictures that it was minus six outside as we were having so much fun! I guess that making the chores fun also makes you forget about the cold weather!