Banoffee Cupcakes (made in what seems a flash)

I was sent some free ingredients to try out a Banoffee Cupcake recipe from the Baking Mad website, they looked tasty and so I made some

They have a lot of recipes over at Baking Mad and I am quite often found reading the forum messages and scanning through the recipes to find something nice and new to make. The Baking Mad team thought I needed a bit of a challenge however and asked if I would be up for making the Banoffee Cupcakes.

I can't resist a challenge.

A couple of days later the team from Baking Mad sent me some ingredients to make cakes with in the post. It was almost as good as Christmas (I didn't have a Roast Dinner or a Chocolate selection pack so only almost as good). And so I found myself in the kitchen making cupcakes for Baby Boy, Top Ender and me. The fudge pieces from Silver Spoon warn that they have wheat and gluten in (I think it is in the flour coating to stop them sticking together?) and so Daddy was going to have to miss out on these cupcakes, but as I promised him some of Baby Boy's New Years Day Cookies he was kept happy!

So with the aid of my trusty netbook, (to give me the recipe and film the process) I started making the cupcakes. Trust me the video will be over in what seems a flash.

Why yes, that is my Masterchef Winners apron I am wearing there

As you can see in the video Baby Boy initially started helping me with the cupcakes, but soon got bored after he had cracked an egg. Top Ender came and helped with the icing of them as she was making Lasagna for the family for dinner and so was in the kitchen waiting for it to be ready and there was a special guest appearance from Daddy who opened the back door for me!

The cakes tasted lovely, although there was too much of a banana taste for Top Ender (who no longer likes bananas) and Baby Boy ended up polishing off one that she had started. I thought they tasted lovely even if we hadn't used Banana chips and Dulce de Leche to decorate (I used sweetened condensed milk) and I think that I shall have to hunt out some fudge pieces to use to make this for Daddy... maybe next weekend though.