Things to do in the February Half Term - Film Theme Days

I am determined that this February Half Term Holiday is not going to be full of the usual comments such as "I'm Bored" or "What can I do?", that's right I have a list of things that we can do this half term that don't cost a lot, keep all ages amused and can be done if it is raining! Yes, I am a woman with a plan and I thought I would share my day themed ideas with you so that you can use them just in case you need something to do during Half Term. I am guessing that the weather isn't always going to be in my favour (seeing as we live in the Britain and it's still Winter not Spring) so I have planned things that will be indoors, but with some outside time or exercise linked in so that the children can burn off some energy!


With Tangled having been out for a few weeks now, there is going to be less of a crowd going to see it today. As our cinemas are both by our shopping centre we will take a quick trip to the Milton Keynes Disney Store where if Top Ender and Baby Boy are in my good books I will buy them something as a treat. The walk around the Shopping Centre will be great exercise for us all and will burn off the popcorn that we will no doubt eat! In the theme of Tangled we will all go to the Hairdressers today and have our haircut too! Our craft activity today will be decorating Paper Lanterns to hang in our bedrooms, as I believe this is a big part of the film's plot.

Entertainment: Tangled
Food: Cinema Snacks
Exercise: Walking Round the Shops
Craft: Making Paper Lanterns

Baby Boy having his First Haircut


We are having a Scooby Doo day today! We love Scooby and with series and films and spin offs having been made almost continuously since 1969, there are more than a few hours to choose from! Now one of the most important parts of Scooby Doo is the Mystery Machine which I am sure Fred makes sure is cleaned out on a very regular basis. Not just because of Scooby and Shaggy constantly eating and making sandwiches in the back, but also because he seems like that sort of man. So our exercise today will be cleaning the car! I am not sure if it will be raining, so if it is we will clean out the inside of the car and take the car to a car wash later this week. If not then buckets and sponges away! Our food today will be Scooby themed Burgers with all the trimmings! Now my pesky kids won't be solving any mysteries, but we will make some Scary Monster Face Masks to try and conceal our identities!

Entertainment: Scooby Doo
Food Scooby Burgers with all the trimmings
Exercise: Washing the Car/ Cleaning the inside
Craft: Making Scary Monster Face Masks

Scooby Doo Costume


The DVD Despicable Me is coming out on the 21st February and as we loved the movie when we saw it at the Cinema I have already ordered it online to be delivered to us (hopefully) on Tuesday. Now the whole film was hilarious but we loved when the Moon was made ever so small and then expanded again before taking it's rightful place in the sky. In the morning we are going to watch Despicable Me and then for lunch we are going to have round Cheese sandwiches (The Moon is made of cheese, we all know it to be true!) before making some waist expanding Moon Cakes in the afternoon. After our waists have been expanded we are going to need to decrease the size by having a dance recital like at the end of the film. Top Ender, Baby Boy and I will strut our stuff on the dance floor and get some aerobic exercise in! We will wait until it is dark to go outside and look at the night sky. Our craft will be to make a finger (or nose) puppet book, like Gru makes at the end to read at bed time.

Entertainment: Despicable Me
Food: Round Cheese Sandwiches and Moon Cake
Exercise: Dance Recital
Craft: Making our own finger (or nose) puppet book


Today is hopefully going to be a HUGE craft day, with my craft drawers hopefully being a lot less full at the end of the day! It will be the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel AKA Dr Seuss on March the 2nd and so today we are going to be making lots of crazy crafts to decorate our house to celebrate his birthday. We will of course watch as much Dr Seuss as we can handle (probably Cat in the Hat or Horton hears a Who) and eat some Green eggs (food colouring is a marvellous thing!) and ham for lunch. For the exercise today we will use a quote from Dr Suess as inspiration

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself, any direction you choose." 

and using that we will go for a nice long walk just going in any direction we choose!

Entertainment: A Dr Suess inspired film (or two)
Food: Green eggs and Ham
Exercise: A Long Walk
Craft: Make Dr Seuss inspired creations

Top Ender with Dr Seuss inspired Cindy Loo Who Hair


Today we are going to watch a rather odd film, called How to Eat Fried Worms. The story makes me feel sick, but then I am sure that it will be the sort of film that Top Ender and Baby Boy will adore! Whilst we are watching the film I am sure some gummy worms will go down a treat... We are going to eat sliced hot dogs and noodles although I don't think they will be fried! As a craft we are going to make ice lollies which we will put some gummy worms in, we are also going to make pet worms by twisting pipe cleaners and I think an expedition to the bottom of the garden to find worms will be in order!

Entertainment: How to Eat Fried Worms 
Food: Sliced Hot dogs and noodles
Exercise: Digging in the Garden
Craft: Making ice lollies and making pet worms

A Wiggly Worm

Are there any films that you would recommend for a themed day in Half Term?