A Healed Corneal Abrasion

When I went to the Sainsbury's Energy event I was asked a couple of times if Baby Boy was okay now as I hadn't said on the blog if the Corneal Abrasion had healed or if there were any further problems. Consider my wrists slapped, I promise not to not update you in the future!

Three days after we went to the hospital the first time, Baby Boy and I returned for his follow up appointment. I was slightly worried, because my friend Google had frightened me with tales of corneal degeneration (and as Baby Boy had had a similar event happen twice in two weeks to me it was a foregone conclusion that he had it) and I was just waiting for the bad news.
Baby Boy after having had dye in his eye to see the Corneal Abrasion aka scratched eye

As anyone who has been to any hospital in the past knows, parking at hospitals is a pain. In the car park next to the area of the hospital that I needed to go to there was only space available. It was a parallel parking space. Now Daddy taught me to parallel park before I took my driving test many years ago and I was fab at it... for my driving test at least! I hate parallel parking, but needs must and so I parked in this space. I wish that someone had been there to see this parking as it was a work of genius. Never has anyone parked as perfectly as I did that day!

We went into the Emergency Eye Clinic, where I was expecting a long wait, and there was nobody there. The receptionist greeted us by name, escorted us to the waiting area and went and let the Nurse and consultant know we were there! It was amazingly quick and although it wasn't the dishy Doctor, this Doctor managed to get Baby Boy to use the Slit Lamp without screaming and was able to have a good look into Baby Boy's eye and declare it well on the way to being healed!

So nothing to worry about... until next time that is!