A Family Birthday Meal

It's been a hectic evening as we went to celebrate Big Cousin's 4th Birthday at TGI Fridays. We all had a great laugh together, ate some pretty great food and were one of those annoying parties that you hate to be sitting near in restaurants because they are loud, move seats in order to talk to other people in the party and keep laughing at something that they all find hilarious.

I think there is something reassuring about eating with family, even extended family as this was. I wonder if it is linked back to times when we lived in tribes or just because I am a mother and like to make sure that everyone is eating. I suppose that all eating is ritualistic, and that having the added benefit of family members close just allows us that extra feeling of security.

Anyway we all had a really great time, and I took a video that is almost to funny to share... I just need to edit as it happened in the middle of a video recording and so is very long at the moment! To get you in the mood however here is a teaser photo;

Baby Boy Eating Cake

I shall post the video this weekend!