Making Chores Fun - Doing The Dishes

Making Chores Fun isn't just about making it more enjoyable for me to do the chores, or even to keep Baby Boy or Top Ender amused whilst I do the chores and its not even to help my children to learn how to do chores, (although all three of those things happen). It's also about playing and learning about cause and effect and this is why I love when Top Ender and Baby Boy want to help out with doing the dishes. 

Baby Boy doing the Dishes

Using a stool to reach the sink means that Baby Boy can play about in the warm soapy water with plastic plates, cups and cutlery and see what happens when you pour water from a height, or what happens when you drop a wet sponge into water. Making it water play means that you might get a very wet child, kitchen floor and sink area but it also means lots of fun, learning AND clean dishes.

Don't forget that you can play whilst doing the dishes too, it isn't just the children who enjoy splashing water around is it?!