A Family Fun Evening Out!

Part of what we love doing here at A Mothers Ramblings is making everyday fun. It might be that instead of doing the dishes we do water experiments (that sneakily get the dishes clean), or make a new game to play with each other such as a Marble Chance Game (even if I did have to wake up early to see it).

A Home Made Marble Chance Game

But what we are also love to do is to spend time with each other outside of the house. Having outdoor adventures and often in some unlikely places.

I have mentioned before that Daddy and I love to take Top Ender and Baby Boy to our local Shopping Centre, not only for Daddy Daughter/Son Date Nights or because I like to keep warm (Shops are perfect for keeping warm in) but because it is a cheap treat. Walking round the shopping centre doing a bit of window shopping costs nothing apart from time and when it comes to Top Ender and Baby Boy Daddy and I will move Heaven and Earth to give them more time with us.

Last night it was decided that Top Ender and Baby Boy deserved a bit of a treat and so after we got home from the School Run and got changed we piled into the car and drove to Tesco. Now this might seem slightly odd, but round here the Tesco stores also have a Krispy Creme stand full of fresh doughnuts. Top Ender and Baby boy are normally dragged pass the display with a promise of us making doughnuts at home, but this time  they were allowed to choose a doughnut each.

We sat in the car as they ate their treat (it was raining otherwise we would of gone somewhere better than a car park!) and we all chatted about what else we could do that afternoon before we picked Daddy up from work. Those ten minutes were great fun because we were together.

an after school treat! on Twitpictop ender thinks hers is tasty too! on Twitpic

Somehow we all managed to agree that a trip to Ikea was in order, and again we all managed to agree that an  evening meal for Top Ender and Baby Boy was a great option. We walked round the store pointing out things we already owned, (most of the store) things we would like (the rest of the store) and things that made us giggle (mainly what half the things are called).

Excuse me I'm taking a shower! on Twitpic

They tried to take a shower in every bathroom they could find and I tried to persuade the children to hide in a wardrobe until someone opened the door so they could pretend they had come from Narnia. Top Ender and Baby Boy had their evening meal, accompanied by some fruit and were so well behaved that another shopper stopped me to compliment them and to congratulate me on being a rather fine parent (I liked that lady).

macaroni cheese for top ender on Twitpicmeatballs and chips for baby boy! on Twitpic
proof my children eat fruit! on Twitpiclook see even if we do sing Christmas songs in march we still... on Twitpic

The whole evening cost £7 and yet was worth so much more to each of us.

It isn't the amount of money that you spend when you go out with your family, it isn't even about where you go or what you do to a certain extent. The real key to having Family Fun is being with your Family and having fun enjoying each others company. I'm not wrong though am I?