Thomas and Friends Live On Stage : A Circus Comes To Town - A Review

We received four free tickets to see the show.

Baby Boy loves anything to do with planes trains and automobiles. just like his Daddy. We will quite often watch Thomas the Tank Engine on TV and own the classic series on DVD (sorry Daddy owns the classic series on DVD) and so when we saw that Thomas and his friends were coming to our local theatre and it was confirmed that we had tickets courtesy of the lovely Press and Communications team at Milton Keynes Theatre I am not sure who was more excited out of Daddy and Baby Boy.

We made our way to the Theatre along with what seemed every other 2/3/4/5/6 year old in the local area and their parents and found several cast members walking around the seats talking in character to the children and their parents about Thomas and Sodor. Baby Boy didn't know where to look as he was so excited and when he heard Thomas making a "Peep Peep" from the stage he knew where to look and started to stare until cast members arrived on stage.

The story is about Thomas accidentally making a mistake meaning that all the engines on Sodor need to pull together to fix the mistake and allow Thomas to prove that he really is a useful engine. There were only eight cast members, but with clever costume changes there appeared to be many more and although the show only lasted 90 minutes including the interval with the number of up beat songs (many of which I recognised from the TV Show) it managed to keep Baby Boy amused for most of the time. Top Ender enjoyed the show despite her alleged dislike of anything to do with Thomas and with Daddy, Baby Boy and me cheered, shouted, clapped and sang along.

If the show is coming to a theatre near you grab tickets as soon as you can!