Swings and Roundabouts... Well Actually Just Swings!

Today we had a really relaxing day, together we just hung out, did things that we wanted to do, ate some fantastic food (yeah I know I cooked it, but it was a lush dinner) and made Top Ender and Baby Boy think we were the best parents in the world by actually building the swing set that they got from their Granny for Christmas!

It sounds like we have been really bad seeing as it is March, but we just haven't had enough time on a warm enough and dry enough day at home to put it up and there was a good few inches of snow here at Christmas. Luckily we were forgiven as they got a chance to swing together.
See they love it! on Twitpic

I called my Mum as soon as the swing set was up and we reminisced about the swing set that my sister and I had as children. It was almost identical, apart from mine being from the 80's was blue and orange not blue and green...

It got me to thinking about how different the childhoods that Top Ender and Baby Boy are living are different from the ones that Daddy and I led, (not worse not better just different) and I can't help but wonder how Top Ender and Baby Boy are going to turn out. I think that the early indications are that they are going to be pretty fab!