One Word - The Gallery

I don't often take part in The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I don't always have an idea of something that I can take a photo of and talk about. As you might of seen when you read my blog posts, I do have pictures but they are normally to accompany my stories. This weeks theme of One Word though really caught my eye as I had the perfect word, the perfect idea for a photo and the words were already in my head waiting to be typed across the page.

The Gallery Badge

The one thing that my blog is about is memories. I originally started blogging about Top Ender because I wanted to remember the things that she said and did and that we did as a family. Sure enough the blog has progressed to include other things, but it is still about making sure that when Top Ender and Baby Boy are older they can look back and see the fab things that we did or fantastic places we went or the new things that we tried.

So the word I chose was Memories.

For Christmas, Baby Boy brought me a photo holder (well I brought it, wrapped it and then wrote the label "To Mummy, Merry Christmas, Love Baby Boy xxx" and put it under the Christmas Tree), and so far it has been on nearly every flat surface in my living room whilst I find the perfect place for it... of course until I find the perfect place for it I can't find the perfect photos for it. I have a feeling though that these two will feature.

Top Ender and Baby Boy having a giggle together
Top Ender and Baby Boy having a giggle together

When Top Ender was younger, Daddy would always say "This is the best age!"; And every time she got older or to a new stage he would again say "This is the best age!". The thing is I know what he means and at the moment I think that Tops and BB are at the best age together. They have so much fun together, they play together, they laugh together, they just love each other so much and that will always be one of my great memories.