Top Ender shares her Love of Reading

Top Ender and I love going to the library together, it's part of how we encouraged her to learn to read and to learn to love reading. We make it a Friday night excursion and Tops thinks that she is very grown as she is allowed to go in to the children's library all by herself, whilst I quickly peruse the adult section (the Children's librarian let me know it was okay to let Top Ender look on her own whilst I checked out the adult section) and choose a few books that I haven't read yet.

When I got to the Children's section last week, I found Top Ender sitting on the children sized sofa's next to a small boy who looked to be about three. Top Ender was reading a book about diggers to this little boy who was sitting listening intently. I stood for a few moments just out of Top Ender's line of sight (the little boy had already spotted me) listening to her reading the out-loud.

It seemed as if Top Ender was a natural story teller, the expression in her voice, made it clear that she was really reading this story for the little boy's enjoyment and not just because she had to read it. The little boys Mother was standing close by, and we chatted whilst Top Ender read a few more stories, poems and sang nursery rhymes to the little boy.

We said goodbye and I could see that Top Ender was so pleased to be able to share her reading skills with someone who really appreciated them and I was so proud of my kind and generous daughter. Top Ender told me that the little boy had approached her as she sat on the sofa and asked her to read to him, something which his mother had told me too. His Mother had said that he hardly talks and she had been so pleased for him to approach Top Ender and for her to not refuse his request to please read a story to him.

We hope to see them at the library next week, and if not then I am sure that Top Ender won't mind reading to me for a while.